Front cover image for Autism & education : the way I see it : what parents and teachers need to know

Autism & education : the way I see it : what parents and teachers need to know

Temple Grandin (Author)
"Dr. Temple Grandin discusses the real issues that parents, teachers, and kids face every day. Here is a concise handbook that illustrates what Temple has found to work in the field of education. Topics include: The importance of early intervention, teaching for different types of thinking, developing talent, motivating students, keeping high expectations, and much more! In these helpful pages, Dr. Grandin offers do's and don'ts, practical strategies, and try-it-now tips, all based on her insider perspective and extensive research. Interestingly, she argues that education for kids on the autism spectrum must focus on their overlooked strengths to foster their unique contributions to the world"--
Print Book, English, 2023
Future Horizons, [Arlington, Texas], 2023
Informational works
xiv, 103 pages ; 23 cm
9781957984070, 1957984074
Foreword: Answers to the most common recent questions
Chapter one. The importance of early educational intervention
Do not get trapped by labels
High-quality budget-friendly programs for young children with ASD
Different types of thinking in autism
Higher expectations yield results
Teaching turn taking and the ability to wait
What school is best for my child with ASD?
Chapter two. Teaching & education
Finding a child's area of strength
Teaching how to generalize
The importance of developing talent
Teaching people on the autism spectrum to be more flexible
Teaching concepts to children with autism
Bottom-up thinking and learning rules
Reading comprehension
Motivating students
Getting kids turned on to reading
Too much video gaming and screen time has a bad effect on child development
Therapy animals and autism
The importance of choices
The importance of practical problem-solving skills
Learning to do assignments that other people appreciate
Learning never stops