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Handbook on governmentality

William Walters (Editor), Martina Tazzioli (Editor)
"The Handbook on Governmentality discusses the development of an interdisciplinary field of research, focusing on Michel Foucault's post-foundationalist concept of governmentality and the ways it has been used to write genealogies of modern states, the governance of societal problems and the governance of the self. Bringing together an international group of contributors, the Handbook examines major developments in debates on governmentality, as well as encouraging further research in areas such as climate change, decolonial politics, logistics, and populism. Chapters explore how governmentality reshapes policy analysis as political practice, the relationship between Foucault's ideas of government and postcolonial experiences, and how governmentality can illuminate discourse on the green economy and biopolitics. Analysing how contemporary socio-political issues including feminist politics, migration, and racialized medicine are interwoven with the concept of governmentality, this Handbook sheds light on the modern-day uses of Foucault's work. Providing a comprehensive overview of research on governmentality, this Handbook will be essential reading for students and scholars of development studies, geopolitics, political economy, organizational studies, political geography, postcolonial theory, and public policy. It will also be a key resource for policy makers in the field looking for a deeper theoretical understanding of the topic"-- Provided by publisher
eBook, English, 2023
Edward Elgar Publishing, Cheltenham, 2023
1 online resource (446 pages)
9781839108662, 1839108665
Introduction to the Handbook on governmentality / William Walters and Martina Tazzioli
Part I. Governmentality: genesis, encounter, transformation
1. Foucault, governmentality, and the techniques of the self / Daniele Lorenzini
2. The yoke of law and the lustre of glory: Foucault and Dumézil on sovereignty / Stuart Elden
3. Governmentalizing 'policy studies' / Carol Bacchi
4. Governmentality and international relations: critiques, challenges, genealogies / Hans-Martin Jaeger
5. Towards a postcolonial theory of crisis, neoliberal government, and biopolitics from below / Ranabir Samaddar
Part II. Talking governmentality
6. Governmentality: a conversation with Wendy Brown, Partha Chatterjee and Nikolas Rose / Wendy Brown, Partha Chatterjee, Nikolas Rose, Martina Tazzioli and William Walters
7. Governmentality and beyond: an interview with Colin Gordon / Colin Gordon, Martina Tazzioli and William Walters
8. Governmentality in translation: an interview with Graham Burchell / Graham Burchell, Martina Tazzioli and William Walters
Part III. Government and its problems
9. The neoliberal welfare state / Ian Alexander Lovering, Sahil Jai Dutta and Samuel Knafo
10. Governmentality and security: governing life-in-motion / Jef Huysmans
11. Secrecy beyond the state: governmentality, security and truth effects / Susanne Krasmann
12. Governmentality and the subject of rights / Ben Golder
13. Algorithmic governmentality: questions of method / Claudia Aradau
14. Logistical power / Brett Neilson
15. Governmentality and political ecology / Emanuele Leonardi and Luigi Pellizzoni
Part IV. Governmentality across nations and other political formations
16. Diminishing life: racialized medicine, neoliberalism, and precarity in the United States / Jonathan Xavier Inda
17. French humanitarianism: governmentality and its limits / Miriam Ticktin
18. EUrope's border ensemble and the disorder of migrant multiplicities / Maurice Stierl
19. Hukou and suzhi as technologies of governing citizenship and migration in China / Chenchen Zhang
Part V. Governmentality and contestation
20. Feminist politics and neoliberal governmentality: from co-option to counter-conduct / Srila Roy
21. The practice of parrhēsia and the transformation of managerial governmentality / Richard Weiskopf
22. Countering governmentality: enacting diverging territorialities by former enslaved people in Cauca, Colombia (1849-1886) / Cristina Rojas
23. Insurgent politics: refugees, sans-papiers and deportees under asylum and migration laws / Clara Lecadet