Front cover image for Marvelous maps : the world as you have never seen it before

Marvelous maps : the world as you have never seen it before

Simon Kuestenmacher (Author), Margarida Esteves (Illustrator)
"A collection of astounding, fun and beautiful maps explaining everything about Planet Earth (and some other places!). It's a treasure trove of quirky and essential data, presented in fun, fascinating map form. If you want to know where the world's dog and cat breeds come from, what the Earth looked like 170 million years ago, where the best place in the world is to put a solar panel, how to find the hidden scene in the map of the USA, who brings Christmas presents across Europe, and even what the Earth looks like to dolphins, then this is the book for you! Marvelous Maps contains a wealth of fascinating facts about our world, told in unique map form. From nature to history, and from mythology to technology, these beautifully illustrated maps bring all kinds of information to life." -- Amazon
Print Book, English, 2023
Welbeck Editions, London, 2023
Instructional and educational works
95 pages : color illustrations, color maps ; 23 x 34 cm
9781803380421, 9781803380230, 180338042X, 1803380233
ebook version :
Maps include: The World as 100 People • How We Travel the World • How our Data Travels • Bird Migration Map • Map of Landscape Terms • Marco Polo's Travels • The World is a Cat (Playing with Australia) • Who Brings the Christmas Gifts? • How to find Kentucky • The Moon Exploration Map on a Football Pitch • Everything Fits in the Pacific • Elephants Across the Alps • Map of the Odyssey • Dogs of the World • The Black Marble Map • Travel Times in 1914 • Travel Times in 2021 • The Point Nemo Map • The Dolphin Map of the World • Where Can I Dig to Another Country? • Lighthouses of Europe • Peak Mongol Vs Peak Roman Empire • How to Power the World With Solar • The World Without Soccer • It Takes a World to Make a Pizza • Disgusting foods of the world • A Map of Snoring • Flying from Today to Tomorrow • Map of time zones • The Longest Journey you can Walk • The World's Remotest Spot • Meat Eaters around the World • The Population of Russia • Pluto on Australia • The Distant Past World Map • The Distant Future World Map • Where can you see the Northern Lights? • Where is Closer to London or Paris? • All the World's Water • Cats of the World