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Encounterism : the neglected joys of being in person

Andy Field (Author)
"The light touch of a hairdresser's hands on one's scalp, the euphoric energy of a nightclub, huddling with strangers under a shelter in the rain, a spontaneous snowball fight in the street, a daily interaction with a homeless man--such mundane connections, when we closely inhabit the same space, and touch or are touched by others, were nearly lost to "social distancing." Will we ever again shake hands without a thought? In this deeply rewarding book, Andy Field brings together history, science, psychology, queer theory, and pop culture with his love of urban life and his own experiences--both as a city-dweller and as a performance artist--to forge creative connections: walking hand-in-hand with strangers, knocking on doors, staging encounters in parked cars. In considering twelve different kinds of encounters, from car rides to video calls to dog-walker chats in the park, Field argues "that in the spontaneity and joy of our meetings with each other, we might find the faint outline of a better future""--Provided by publisher
Print Book, English, 2023
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W.W. Norton & Company, New York, NY, 2023
xiii, 288 pages ; 21 cm
9781324036586, 1324036583
The importance of care
Six small interruptions
A short history of not going out
A home you can carry with you
Society in six meals
Ecstatic escape
A great green emptiness at the centre of everything
Space to dream
The simple pleasure of holding hands
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