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Tokens in Classical Athens and beyond

M. E. Gkikaki (Editor)
Print Book, English, 2023
Liverpool University Press, Liverpool, 2023
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9781837643899, 9781800856134, 183764389X, 180085613X
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Mairi Gkikaki, Introduction **Section One: Symbola in Perception and Practice** 1. P.J. Finglass, Tragic Tokens: Sophoclean Symbola in Context 2. James Kierstead, The Athenian Jigsaw Tokens 3. Mairi Gkikaki, The Council of Five Hundred and Symbola in Classical Athens 4. Daria Russo, Tokens and Athenian Tribes: Iconography and Contexts of Use **Section Two: New Finds, embarking on Modern Interpretations** 5. Stamatoula Makrypodi, Athenian Clay Tokens, New Types, New Interpretations 6. John H. Kroll, Lettered and other tokens in the Lawcourts and the Assembly of Athens 7. Irini Karra, The Lot of Lead Tokens from the Makrygianni Plot in Athens **Section Three: Athenian tokens in the aftermath of the Classical Period** 8. Martin Schäfer, Nike on Hellenistic lead tokens: iconography and meaning{::}** 9. Cristian Mondello, Alexander the Great on Lead: Notes on some tokens from Roman imperial Athens{::}** **Section Four: Comparative Studies** 10. Antonino Crisà, New Hellenistic and Roman Clay Tokens from Sicily: Some Case Studies from the Museum of Palermo{::}** 11. Yoav Farhi, A New Type of Roman Period Clay Tokens from Jerusalem 12. Vera Geelmuyden Bulgurlu and Tumay Hazinedar Coscun, A Group of Lead Tokens in the Ephesos Museum Collection