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Researching Social Life [electronic resource]

Paul Stoneman and Nigel Gilbert breathe new energy into this classic bestselling textbook providing clear, relevant advice and extensive coverage of all the research methods you need to understand today’s society.
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FOUNDATIONS AND FIRST STEPSConceptualising Social Life - Geoff Cooper and Robert MeadowsResearch, Theory and Method - Nigel GilbertFormulating and Refining a Research Question - Nicola Green and Paul StonemanConducting Systematic Reviews in the Social Sciences - Karen Bullock and Daniel McCarthyCHOOSING YOUR RESEARCH STRATEGYQuantitative Research - Paul Stoneman and Ian Brunton-SmithGrounded Theory and Inductive Research - Paul HodkinsonMixed Methods - Victoria D. Alexander, Hilary Thomas, Ann Cronin, Jane Fielding and Jo Moran-EllisParticipatory Approaches to Social Research - Christina SilverEvaluation Research - Mike McGuireInternational Comparative Research - Linda HantraisThe Ethics of Social Research - Janet BoddyCOLLECTING DATADesigning and Collecting Survey Samples - Patrick SturgisQuestionnaire Design - Charles Leddy-OwenMeasuring Attitudes - Thomas J. ScottoQualitative Interviewing - Nigel Fielding and Hilary ThomasFocus Groups - Ann CroninEthnography - Nigel FieldingThe Internet and Research Methods - Christine HineANALYSING DATACoding and Managing Data - Jane FieldingAnalysing Survey Data - Paul StonemanComputer Assisted Qualitative Data Analysis (CAQDAS) - Ann LewinsThematic Analysis - Alexander SealNarrative Analysis - Sarah Earthy, Alexandra Cuncev and Ann CroninApplying Conversation Analysis and Membership Categorisation Analysis to Qualitative Data - Andrew King and Lorraine LockeAnalysing Visual Materials - Victoria D. Alexander Digital Social Research - Christine HineWRITING ABOUT SOCIAL RESEARCH AND ITS IMPACTWriting about Social Research - Nigel GilbertThe Impact of Social Research - Paul Stoneman and Nigel Gilbert