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Catalogue of scientific papers (1800-1900)

Print Book, English, 1914
C.J. Clay and Sons, 1867-1902; University Press, 1914-25, London, Cambridge, 1914
19 volumes 29 x 23-28 x 22 cm
V.1-6. 1st ser., 1800-1863
v.7-8. 2d ser., 1864-1873
v.9-11. 3d ser., 1874-1883
v.12. Supplementary volume, 1800-1883
v.13-19. 4th ser., 1884-1900
An author index to scientific papers contained in the transactions of societies, journals, and other periodical works. Continued by the international catalogue of scientific literature, which deals with literature published after 1900. Complemented by the society's "Catalogue of scientific papers, 1800-1900. Subject index", the publication of which was begun in 1908. The work is to consist of 17 vols. classified by the same systems as the International catalogue of scientific literature
Compiled under the supervision of Henry White, Herbert McLeod, H. Forster Morley, and others. List of society publications, journals and other periodicals catalogued, with abbreviations used: v. 1, p. [xiii]-lxxviii; v. 7, p. [v]-xxxi; v. 9, p. [vii]-xxxii; v. 12, p. [vii]-xxxii; v. 13, p. [ix]-xcviii