Front cover image for Century Company records, 1870-1924

Century Company records, 1870-1924

Records consist of correspondence, manuscripts, vouchers, proofs of articles and other materials concerning the publications of the Century Company. Letters, 1881-1917, include mostly incoming letters to the editors from contributors or potential contributors. Civil War material consists of letters written by Union and Confederate veterans of the U.S. Civil War; articles and proofs of articles (with annotations) concerning the war; and notes, lists, memoranda, and printed matter. Contributors series contains manuscripts and correspondence sent to the Century. St. Nicholas Magazine materials, ca. 1911-1917, include correspondence, manuscripts and vouchers for the juvenile magazine. Yosemite National Park and Spanish-American War series consists of correspondence. Permit books contain correspondence, 1904-1924, between the Century Company and owners, art dealers, photographers, publishers, and agents for permission to reproduce art and documents in the Century and St. Nicholas magazines (includes reproductions of the specific art.)
Archival Material, English, 1870