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History of Iceland

Print Book, English, 1924
Macmillan Co., New York, 1924
vi pages, 2 leaves, 482 pages color frontispiece 23 cm
Early explorations and discoveries in the Far North
The colonization of Iceland
Organization of the Icelandic state and government
Introduction of Christianity
Climate and natural conditions in Iceland. Early social life
Discovery and colonization of Greenland. Discovery of the American continent. The Vinland voyages
Development of Scaldic song and saga literature
Civil strife in Iceland. Conditions in the church. Snorri Sturlason
The Sturlung period of civil war
Union of Norway and Iceland. Growing ascendancy of the clergy
Growing influence of the Norwegian government. Great calamities resulting in general distress. Decline of intellectual life and literary art
English commerce with Iceland. The Icelandic church. Intercourse of the Hanseatic cities with Iceland
The reformation of Iceland
Great calamities. The Danish trade monopoly. New literary activity
Commerce with Iceland during the Napoleonic Wars. The adventurer Jorgen Jorgensen. Improvement of economic conditions after 1814
Romanticism in Iceland. Struggle for autonomy. The Icelandic Constitution of 1874. Improved economic conditions
Realism in Icelandic literature. Modern intellectual life in Iceland
Struggle for independence. Iceland proclaimed a sovereign state. Recent economic development
Icelandic immigration. The Icelanders in America