Front cover image for Faith and Law : how religious traditions from Calvinism to Islam view American law

Faith and Law : how religious traditions from Calvinism to Islam view American law

Features legal scholars from sixteen different religious traditions who contend that religious discourse has an important function in the making, practice, and adjudication of American law, not least because our laws rest upon a framework of religious values. This book also includes topics such as abortion, gay rights, euthanasia, and free speech.
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Augustine and law / Elizabeth Mensch
Neo-Calvinism and science : a Christian perspective on Post-Daubert law/science relations / David S. Caudill
A Lutheran perspective on legal ethics / Robert W. Tuttle
Anabaptist law schools / Thomas L. Shaffer and John Howard Yoder
Toleration and dogmatism : the contribution of Baptists to law / Timothy L. Hall
Evangelicals, law, and abortion / Robert F. Cochran, Jr
"Go down, moses!": law through the eyes of the African-American religious tradition / Anthony V. Baker
Reason, freedom, and apocalyptic vision : Churches of Christ and the practice and teaching of law / Thomas G. Bost
Footings of Mormon conceptions of law : vantage points for understanding constitutional law and the law of religious freedom / W. Cole Durham, Jr., Michael K. Young, and Brett G. Scharffs
Sovereign states? the state of the question from a Catholic perspective / Patrick Brennan
Catholic social thought and immigration / Jose Roberto Juarez, Jr
Self-incrimination in Jewish law, with application to the American legal system / Samuel L. Levine
Reform Judaism / Betzelem Ehlohim, and gay rights / Ellen P. Aprill
A Hindu perspective on euthanasia and physician-assisted suicide / Kisor K. Chakrabarti
Interdependence and victim compensation : views from Buddhist Tibet and post-9/11 USA / Rebecca R. French
Enhancing democracy, respecting religion : a dialogue on Islamic values and freedom of speech / Anver M. Emon