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Microform, English, 1816
Eastburn, Kirk, & Co., New-York, 1816
2 volumes
V.1: Christ the light of the world
The glory of a nation
The millennium
God's mercy to the fatherless
The benevolent eunuch
The right use of the providence of God
The inestimable value of the Scriptures
The duty of seeking the Lord enforced from his power in the natural world
The blessedness of a triumphant believer
Paul preaching before Felix
The perfection of Christian knowledge
v.2: The constraining influence of Christ's love
The Redeemer's tears over lost sinners
God's controversy with his people
The only safety in the hour of danger
The difference between believers and the men of the world
The nature and consequences of spiritual idolatry
The character of Lot
The example of the Bereans commended
The duty of well-doing explained and enforced
The eternal inheritance of believers
Christ the only foundation
The duty of America in the present crisis
The conversion of Lydia
The conversion of the Ethiopian eunuch
Microopaque, New York, N.Y., Readex Microprint, courtesy of A.A.S., 1977, 9 microopaques ; 23 x 15 cm, (Early American imprints. Second series ; no. 38832)