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A humument

Print Book, English, 1970
Tetrad Press, London, 1970
10 volumes in 11 cases : illustrations ; approximately 20 x 15 cm
"A Humument is a treated work ... philosophy, poetry and painting are fused together to make a true gesamtkunstwerk"--Page 2 of Title/Colophon
Based on: A human document / W.H. Mallock, new ed., 1892
367? sheets which are issued in groups in various numerical sequences in individual cases
Each case issued with separate Title/Colophon [4 p.]; v. 10 in 2 parts with differing Title/Colophon sheet, dated: "Christmas 1966 to October 1973."
Each sheet initialed by the author; each Title/Colophon autographed by the author with differing copy information. Vols. no. 1-9 limited to 125 copies
Issued with prospectus