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Genesis 1-11

Robert Davidson (Author)
Chapters 1-11 of Genesis are like a poetic prologue to the early history of the Jewish people and to their religion. For Christianity also they later fulfil a similar purpose. Professor Davidson takes these chapters as a separate unity, comments on them, and explains their religious significance and their place in the Bible as a whole. Introductory sections on the sources and purpose of the book, and the meaning of myth, lead straight into the text and commentary which alternate with each other in the style of the series
Print Book, English, 1973
University Press, Cambridge [England], 1973
117 pages ; 21 cm
9780521086189, 9780521097604, 9788930521093, 0521086183, 0521097606, 8930521096
Behind the book
The sources of the book
The purpose of Genesis 1-11
The meaning of myth
The creation of the world
The beginnings of history
The flood and the tower of Babel