Front cover image for D.H. Lawrence: The rainbow and Women in love: a casebook

D.H. Lawrence: The rainbow and Women in love: a casebook

Colin Clarke (Compiler)
Print Book, English, 1969
Macmillan, London, 1969
Criticism, interpretation, etc
243 pages 21 cm
9780333012109, 9780333049297, 9780333149294, 9780333102107, 0333012100, 0333049292, 0333149297, 033310210X
[The author on the novels]
Letters to Edward Garnett and others
[Documents relating to Women in love]
Introductory note to D.H. Lawrence's prologue to Women in love / George H. Ford
Prologue to Women in love / D.H. Lawrence
Foreword to Women in love / D.H. Lawrence
[Critical studies]
A review of Women in love, The rainbow, 'the fundamental equivocation of Women in love' / John Middleton Murry
Lawrence and futurism / Mary Freeman
The narrative technique of The rainbow / Roger Sale
The rainbow : fiddle-bow and sand / S.L. Goldberg
'Through ... degradation to a new health' a comment on Women in love / G. Wilson Knight
Ritual scenes in The rainbow / Julian Moynahan
Women in love : 'firm singleness and melting union' / H.M. Daleski
Women in love : the degeneration of Western man / George H. Ford
Women in love and the German tradition in literature / Ronald Gray
- Lawrence and the apocalyptic types / Frank Kermonde
'Living disintegration': a scene from Women in love reinterpreted / Colin Clarke