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1715 : the great Jacobite Rebellion

D. Szechi
"Drawing on a substantial range of fresh primary resources in England, Scotland and France, Daniel Szechi analyses not only large and dramatic moments of the Jacobite rebellion but also the smaller risings that took place throughout Scotland and northern England. He examines the complex reasons that led some men to rebel and others to stay at home, and he reappraises the economic, religious, social and political circumstances that precipitated a Jacobite rising. Shedding new light on the inner world of the Jacobites, Szechi reveals the surprising significance of their widely supported but ultimately doomed rebellion."--Jacket
Print Book, English, ©2006
Yale University Press, New Haven, ©2006
xvi, 351 pages : illustrations, maps ; 24 cm
9780300111002, 0300111002
"To mark where England's empire stands" : the economy and social structure of the British Isles in 1715
"Fareweel e'en to the Scottish name" : the politics and geopolitics of the British Isles in 1715
"What force or guile could not subdue" : the Jacobites in 1715
"That treason thus could sell us" : the Jacobite conspiracy of 1715
"The English steel we could disdain" : the outbreak of the rebellion
"Sae famed in martial story" : military operations, September 1715-April 1716, the central theatre
"Secure in valour's station" : military operations, September 1715-April 1716, the northern, southern, and western theatres
"Bought and sold for English gold" : the prisoners and exiles of the '15
"Such a parcel of rogues in a nation" : resistance and social reintegration after the '15