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Applied psychology : new frontiers and rewarding careers

In Applied Psychology some of the most eminent psychologists in the world today examine how psychological science is and can be used to prevent and ameliorate pressing human problems to promote positive social change. The book also reviews the vas
Print Book, English, 2006
Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, Mahwah, N.J., 2006
xii, 345 pages : illustrations ; 23 cm
9780805853483, 9780805853490, 0805853480, 0805853499
Contents: Preface. Part I: Introduction.S.I. Donaldson, D.E. Berger, The Rise and Promise of Applied Psychology in the 21st Century. Part II: Foundations and Frontiers in Applied Psychological Science.P.G. Zimbardo, Does Psychology Make a Significant Difference in Our Lives? A. Bandura, Going Global With Social Cognitive Theory: From Prospect to Paydirt. S. Oskamp, P.W. Schultz, Using Psychological Science to Achieve Ecological Sustainability. R. Rosenthal, Applying Psychological Research on Interpersonal Expectations and Covert Communication in Classrooms, Clinics, Corporations, and Courtrooms. S. Sue, Research to Address Racial and Ethnic Disparities in Mental Health: Some Lessons Learned. P.M. Greenfield, Applying Developmental Psychology to Bridge Cultures in the Classroom. S.J. Tan, D.F. Halpern, Applying the Science of Psychology to a Public That Distrusts Science. Part III: Rewarding Careers Applying Psychological Science.D. Davis, E.F. Loftus, Psychologists in the Forensic World. H.S. Friedman, Applying Psychology to Promote Health. K. Pezdek, K.A. Deffenbacher, S. Lam, R.R. Hoffman, Cognitive Psychology: Applications and Careers. S.I. Donaldson, C.A. Christie, Emerging Career Opportunities in the Transdiscipline of Evaluation Science. W.D. Crano, Social Psychology: Applications and Careers. S.I. Donaldson, M.C. Bligh, Rewarding Careers Applying Positive Psychological Science to Improve Quality of Work Life and Organizational Effectiveness. D.E. Berger, Preparing for a Rewarding Career Applying the Science of Psychology.