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Echinoderm paleobiology

Echinoderms (which include such animals as sea stars, crinoids or sea lilies, sea urchins, sand dollars, and sea cucumbers) have left useful fossil record. This volume highlights the modern study of fossil echinoderms.
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Indiana University Press, Bloomington, ©2008
xii, 456 pages : illustrations, maps ; 26 cm.
9780253351289, 0253351286
Taphonomy as an indicator of behavior among fossil crinoids / Tomasz K. Baumiller [and others]
Attachment, facies distribution, and life history strategies in crinoids from the Upper Ordovician of Kentucky / Carlton E. Brett, Bradley L. Deline and Patrick I. McLaughlin
Paleobiology of Carboniferous microcrinoids / George D. Sevastopulo
The importance of echinoids in late Paleozoic ecosystems / Chris L. Schneider
New observations on taphonomy and paleoecology of Uintacrinus socialis Grinnell (Crinoidea; Upper Cretaceous) / Andrew J. Webber, David L. Meyer and Clare V. Milsom
Taphonomy of the irregular echinoid Clypeaster humilis from the Red Sea : implications for taxonomic resolution along taphonomic grades / James H. Nebelsick
Tiering history of early epifaunal suspension-feeding echinoderms / Stephen Q. Dornbos
Evolution and extinction of a Paleozoic crinoid clade : phylogenetics, paleogeography, and environmental distribution of the periechocrinids / William I. Ausich and Thomas W. Kammer
Paedomorphosis as an adaptive response in pinnulate cladid crinoids from the Burlington Limestone (Mississippian, Osagean) of the Mississippi Valley / Thomas W. Kammer
Cladid crinoid radial facets, brachials, and arm appendages : a terminology solution for studies of lineage, classification, and paleoenvironment / Gary D. Webster and Christopher G. Maples
The origin of Lovén's law in glyptocystitoid rhombiferans and its bearing on the plate homology and heterochronic evolution of the hemicosmitoid peristomial border / Colin D. Sumrall
Mixed-age echinoderms, conodonts, and other fossils used to date a meteorite impact, and implications for missing strata in the type Osagean (Mississippian) in Missouri, USA / James F. Miller [and others]
Crinoid biomarkers (Borden Group, Mississippian) : implications for phylogeny / Christina E. O'Malley, William I. Ausich and Yu-Ping Chin
Overview of early Ordovician crinoid diversity from the western and southwestern United States / James Sprinkle, Thomas E. Guensburg and Forest J. Gahn
Ever since Ramsbottom : Silurian crinoids of the British Isles since 1954 / Stephen K. Donovan [and others]
Overview of Paleozoic stemmed echinoderms from China / Johnny A. Waters [and others]
Fossil Echinodermata from Puerto Rico / Jorge Vélez-Juarbe and Hernán Santos