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John Dewey on education : selected writings

John Dewey, Reginald D. Archambault (Editor, Writer of introduction)
Print Book, English, [1964]
Modern Library, New York, [1964]
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xxx, 439 pages 19 cm
Philosophy and education. Need for a philosophy of education ; The relation of science and philosophy as a basis for education
Ethics and education. Logical conditions of a scientific treatment of morality ; Human nature and conduct ; The nature of aims ; What is freedom? ; Ends and values ; The continuum of ends-means ; Ethical principles underlying education
Aesthetics and education. Affective thought in logic and painting ; Individuality and experience ; Experience, nature and art
Science and education. Progressive education and the science of education ; Science as subject-matter and as method
Psychology and education. What psychology can do for the teacher ; Why reflective thinking must be an educational aim ; School conditions and the training of thought ; The process and product of reflective activity : psychological process and logical form ; Interest in relation to training of the will
Society and education. American education and culture ; The school and society
Principles of pedagogy. The relation of theory to practice in education ; The child and the curriculum ; The nature of subject matter ; Progressive organization of subject-matter ; The nature of method ; The educational situation : as concerns secondary education ; The way out of educational confusion ; My pedagogic creed