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Ordinary objects

'Ordinary Objects' shows how to develop a common-sense ontology and defend it against a variety of eliminativist arguments. The text argues that the apparently diverse eliminativist arguments rest on a few shared assumptions, and that questioning these gives us reason to reevaluate the proper methods and limits of metaphysics
Print Book, English, 2007
Oxford University Press, Oxford, 2007
xi, 240 pages ; 22 cm
9780195319910, 9780199764440, 0195319915, 0199764441
Problems of causal redundancy
Analyticity and conceptual content
Identity, persistence, and modality
Problems of colocation
Problems of vagueness
Handling existence questions
The special composition problem
Problems of rivalry with science
Parsimony and ontological commitment
A coherent common sense view
The methods of metaphysics