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Annales maritimes et coloniales

Journal, Magazine, French, 1816-47
Imprimerie Royale, Paris, 1816-47
volumes illustrations 23 cm
The regular publication of Annales was begun in 1816, but two introductory volumes, covering the years 1809-1815, were published in 1818, and form the first two volumes of the collection
Issued in two parts: ptie. officielle (Lois et ordonnances); ptie. non officielle (Sciences et arts)--Each part has a separate t.p. and paging. (Lois et ordonnances form 1 v. (in 1827 and 1830, 2 v.) annually; Sciences et arts form 1 v. annually, 1816-21, 2 v. annually, 1822-47. Beginning with July 1843 an additional section was added to the non-official part, entitled Revue d'coloniale (forming 1 v. in 1843, 2 v. annually 1844-47) Revue coloniale was also issued separately