Front cover image for The evolution of our Latin-American policy : a documentary record

The evolution of our Latin-American policy : a documentary record

James W. Gantenbein (Editor)
Print Book, English, 1950
Columbia University Press, New York, 1950
xxvii, 979 pages 24 cm
I. General principles. The headwaters of our Latin-American policy ; Recognition of independence ; Early relations with the new American nations ; Birth of the Pan-American organization ; Increasing inter-American relations ; Plan of a Pan-American Treaty, 1915-1917 ; The Harding-Coolidge-Hoover administration ; The Roosevelt-Truman administration
II. The Monroe Doctrine. Background ; Enunciation of the doctrine ; Certain interpretations and applications in the nineteenth century ; Period of the "Roosevelt Corollary" ; Subsequent interpretations and applications
III. Independence of Cuba
IV. The Panama Canal concession
V. Certain controversies with Mexico. War of 1846-1848 ; The period of 1911-1916 ; Agrarian and petroleum claims
VI. Interventions in Nicaragua, Haiti, and the Dominican Republic. Nicaragua ; Haiti ; The Dominican Republic
Appendix A: Certain agreements, resolutions, and conventions of various inter-American conferences
Appendix B: Treaty signed by Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Mexico, Paraguay, and Uruguay
Appendix C: Certain United States agreements regarding the inter-oceanic canals
Appendix D: Certain treaties and agreements with Haiti and the Dominican Republic. Haiti ; The Dominican Republic