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Virtual prototyping & bio manufacturing in medical applications

The use of rapid prototyping (PR) has moved beyond medical devices, as surgeons now regularly use PR models to brainstorm strategies for surgeries. This title presents these new uses for rapid prototyping in state-of-the-art medical applications
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Computer assisted cranioplasty / Dr John Winder
Virtual bone surgery / Ming C Leu, Qiang Niu and Xiaoyi Chi
Medical imaging challenges photogrammetry / Petros Patias
Computer aided tissue engineering scaffold fabrication / M.W. Naing, C.K. Chua and K.F. Leong
CAD assembly process for bone replacement scaffolds in computer-aided tissue engineering / M.A. Wettergreen [and others]
Computational design and simulation of tissue engineering scaffolds / Scott J. Hollister [and others]
Virtual prototyping of biomanufacturing in medical applications / Y.S. Morsi, C.S. Wong and S.S. Patel
Advanced processes to fabricate scaffolds for tissue engineering / Paulo J. Bártolo . [and others]
Rapid prototyping to produce porous scaffolds with controlled architecture for possible use in bone tissue engineering / Alexander Woesz
Laser printing cells / Bradley R. Ringeisen [and others]
Selective laser sintering of polymers and polymer-ceramic composites / Suman Das
Design, fabrication and physical characterization of scaffolds made from biodegradable synthetic polymers in combination with RP systems based on melt extrusion / D.W. Hutmacher, M.E. Hoque and Y.S. Wong to access electronic resource