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The complete works of Percy Bysshe Shelley

Print Book, English, [1904-06]
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Virtue & Company, London and, [1904-06]
8 volumes : fronts, plates, portraits ; 24 cm
v. 1. Queen Mab. The daemon of the world.-Alastor.-v. 2. The revolt of Islam.-v. 3. Prince Athanase. Rosalind and Helen Julian and Maddalo. Prometheus unbound.-v. 4. The Cenci. Peter Bell the third. OEdipus tyrannus, and other poems.-v. 5. Epipsychidion Adonais. Hellas, and other poems.-v. 6. Miscellaneous poems, 1817-1822.-v. 7. Translations. Juvenile.-v. 8. Shelley's letters
"Limited to one thousand copies, of which this is set ..."
The translations, v. 7, include selections from Homer, Calderon, Goethe's Faust, and Euripides' Cyclops