Front cover image for States of emergency : cultures of revolt in Italy from 1968 to 1978

States of emergency : cultures of revolt in Italy from 1968 to 1978

Print Book, English, 1990
Verso, London, 1990
xii, 377 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm
9780860912545, 9780860919698, 086091254X, 0860919692
Part I. Origins of the crisis of 1968-9
Part II. The student movement
The story in pictures
Part III. The workers' movement
Part IV. Social movements and protest in the 1970s. Machine generated contents note: 1.A Distrusted State
2.Civil Society and its Discontents
3.The Agitators and Moral Outrage
4.From Mass Schooling to Mass Protest: Failures of the Education System
5.The End of Respectability: The Student Movement in the Universities
6.Religion and Student Politics: The Catholic University
7.The Spread of Student Protest: The State University, Schools and Institutes
8.A Lost Opportunity? The Education System after '68
9.Going to the People: Students and Workers
10.Dreaming of a Cultural Revolution
11.Breaking the Ice: Spring-Summer 1968
12.Pirelli: A Case of Permanent Conflict
13.Technicians and Clerical Workers Awake
14.The Hot Autumn: From Corso Traiano to Piazza Fontana
15.The Hot Autumn in Milan
16.The New Rules of the Game: The Unions and Industrial Relations
17.Institutionalization from Below: The Unions and Social Movements
18.Residual and Emergent Political Forms Note continued: 19.The Red Brigades: Sons and Daughters of '68?
20.The Generation of Year Nine: Youth Revolt and the Movement of '77
21.Feminism and a New Politics
22.Some Conclusions: The Difficulties of Keywords
Looking Inside: Ideas From Within
Looking Outward: Ideas From The World Around You
Inside And Out: Combining Both Approaches
Idea Sources: An Endless Well
Tough Choices: Product Or Customer First?
Major Factors: Narrowing Your Choices
Naming Your Business
Timing Issues
Tyranny Of The Urgent
The Business Choice Chicken-And-Egg Syndrome
Recipe For A Thriving Business
Components Of A Thriving Business
Why This Structure Matters
A Unique Methodology
A Traditional Business Plan Versus The Structure Of Profitability[™]
Why You Need A Vision For Your Business
Vision: What Does It Really Mean?
Four Benefits Of Having A Compelling Vision
The Importance Of A Compelling Vision Note continued: Sources Of A Vision
Developing A Vision
Three Steps To Creating A Compelling Vision
What Does A Compelling Vision Look Like?
The Importance Of A Win/Win Experience
Mission Statement Versus Slogan Versus Vision
Incubating Your Vision
Three Problems
What Is A Critical Success Factor For A Business?
Your Critical Success Factors
Critical Success Factor Analysis: The Foundation
What Will This Analysis Accomplish?
Synchronizing Vision And Critical Success Factors
Making Implementation Measurable
Your Strategic Plan: The Road Map For Achieving Your Vision
Creating A Sustainable Competitive Advantage
Where Do Marketing And Sales Fit In?
The Importance Of Your Marketing And Sales Area
Overview Of Your Marketing And Sales Area
Your Number Of Potential Buyers
Awareness Of A Need For Your Product Or Service
Understanding Your Customer
Attractiveness Of Your Solution Note continued: Create Experiences Worth Repeating
Their Awareness Of Your Solution
Updating Your Critical Success Factors
Your Delivery Channels
Effectiveness Of Your Sales Processes
Sales Is An Ongoing Process
Meeting And Exceeding Your Customer's Expectations
Assessing Your Competition
Updating Your Critical Success Factors
What Production Means
The Production Chicken-And-Egg Syndrome
Overview Of Your Production Area
The Five Elements Of Your Strategic Advantage
Exceptional Versus Great Versus Good Versus Average
Product Cost Advantage
Product Quality
Delivery Time Or Convenience
Customer Service
The Uniqueness Of Your Product
Developing Your Strategic Advantage
Updating Your Critical Success Factors
Why The Funding Of A Business Is So Important
Your Overall Financing Needs
Evaluating Your Financing Needs
Tools For Calculating Your Financing Needs
Types Of Financing
Sources Of Financing Note continued: Evaluation Of Financing Criteria
Obtaining Funding
Updating Your Critical Success Factors
Business Planning Activities
Developing A Game-Changing Vision
Recrafting And Recasting Your Vision
Fruit Stands Versus Factories
Your Daily Role In Your Business
Updating Your Critical Success Factors