Front cover image for The Christian tradition : a history of the development of doctrine

The Christian tradition : a history of the development of doctrine

Jaroslav Pelikan (Author)
Explores the iconography, dogma, and liturgy of Greek, Slavic, and Syriac forms of Christianity
Print Book, English, 1971
University of Chicago Press, Chicago, 1971
5 volumes ; 24 cm
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V. 1: The emergence of the Catholic tradition (100-600)
Praeparatio evangelica
Outside the mainstream
The faith of the church Catholic
The mystery of the Trinity
The person of the God-man
Nature and grace
The orthodox consensus
V. 2: The spirit of Eastern Christendom (600-1700)
Ex oriente lux
The authority of the fathers
Union and division in Christ
Images of the invisible
The challenge of the Latin church
The vindication of Trinitarian monotheism
The last flowering of Byzantine orthodoxy
V. 3: The growth of medieval theology (600-1300)
The Middle Ages as "age of faith"
The integrity of the Catholic tradition
Beyond the Augustinian synthesis
The plan of salvation
The communication of grace
The one true faith
Summa theologica
V. 4: Reformation of church and dogma (1300-1700)
Reformation defined
Doctrinal pluralism in the later Middle Ages
One, holy, catholic, and apostolic?
The Gospel as the treasure of the church
The world and the will of God
The definition of Roman Catholic particularity
Challenges to apostolic continuity
Confessional dogmatics in a divided Christendom
V. 5: Christian doctrine and modern culture (since 1700)
"Alas, theology, too"
The crisis of orthodoxy East and West
The objectivity of transcendent revelation
The theology of the heart
Foundations of the Christian world view
The definition of doctrine
The sobornost of the body of Christ