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Reforming or conforming? : post-conservative evangelicals and the emerging church

Thirteen Reformed scholars take on postmodern evangelicals and provide a solid, biblical critique of their ideas. While self-described "post-conservative evangelicals" enjoy increasing influence in the evangelical world, they represent a significant challenge to biblical faith. Popularizers like Brian McLaren (of Emergent Church fame) trade on the work of scholars like Stan Grenz, John Franke, and Roger Olson, whose "innovations" represent a major makeover of traditional and historic evangelical theology. This is especially the case with the doctrines of Scripture, the atonement, and the character of God -- all of which stand at the center of evangelical Christianity. In Reforming or Conforming?, scholars such as John Bolt, Scott Clark, Paul Helm, and Paul Helseth join editors Gary Johnson and Ron Gleason in analyzing and critiquing the ideas of those who promote postmodernism as a positive force in theology. Pastors, laymen, and college students will find this book a helpful resource in understanding and refuting postmodern evangelicalism. Includes a foreword by David F. Wells. - Publisher
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300 pages ; 23 cm
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The doctrine of scripture : only a human problem / Paul Wells
Sola scriptura as an evangelical theological method? / John Bolt
No easy task : John R. Franke and the character of theology / Paul Helm
Whosoever will be saved : emerging church, meet Christian dogma / R. Scott Clark
"Right reason" and theological aesthetics at Old Princeton Seminary : the "mythical evangelical magisterium" reconsidered / Paul Kjoss Helseth
Cornelius Van Til : "principled" theologian or foundationalist? / Jeffrey C. Waddington
Church and community or community and church? / Ronald N. Gleason
It's "Wright," but is it right? An assessment and engagement of an "emerging" rereading of the ministry of Jesus / Guy Prentiss Waters
Joyriding on the downgrade at breakneck speed : the dark side of diversity / Phil Johnson
Entrapment : the emerging church conversation and the cultural captivity of the gospel / Martin Downes
Saved from the wrath of God : an examination of Brian McLaren's approach to the doctrine of hell / Greg D. Gilbert
The emergent church / Gary Gilley