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Mapping the Catholic cultural landscape

Featuring contributions from French, Polish, English, American, Native American, Canadian and Spanish cultures, this collection explores the intersection of Catholicism with cultural expressions of literature and art, holiness and personal devotion, faith and secular society.
Print Book, English, 2004
Rowman & Littlefield, Lanham, 2004
Kongreß / Houston Tex. 2002
XXI, 276 Seiten : Illustrationen.
9780742531833, 9780742531840, 074253183X, 0742531848
Chapter 1 Foreword Chapter 2 Acknowledgements Chapter 3 Introduction Part 4 Literature and Art: Embodiments of the Faith Chapter 5 Overview: Catholic Culture in Literature and the Art Chapter 6 Jane Austen's Catholic Sensibility Chapter 7 Shakespeare's Measure for Measure and the Art of Christian Mercy Chapter 8 Story Theology in Flannery O'Connor's "The River," John Updike's "The Christian Roommates," and Denys Arcand's Jesus of Montreal Chapter 9 The Tree of the Choctaws: Live Oaks in the Poetry of Father Adrian Emmanuel Rouquette Chapter 10 The Theological Virtues in J.R.R. Tolkien's Lord of the Rings Chapter 11 Santiago in the Americas: The Iconography of the Conqueror and the Infidel Part 12 Culture and Holiness Chapter 13 Overview: Mary as Human Exemplar Chapter 14 Our Lady of Jasna Gora in Polish Catholicism Chapter 15 Marian Devotion and Cultural Influence in the Naming of Churches Chapter 16 Literary Appropriation of Mary in the Spanish-Speaking World Chapter 17 Marian Devotion in the Spiritual Life of Saint Rose of Lima Chapter 18 Saints and Sanctity in France Chapter 19 Lucie Christie: 19th Century Wife, Mother, and Mystic Part 20 Transforming Interrelationships: Catholic Faith and Secular Society Chapter 21 Overview: Secular Society and the Catholic Imagination Chapter 22 The Import of Latino Spirituality for the 21st Century: U.S. Culture, Politics, and Religion Chapter 23 "False Generosity" Toward Inner-City School Children: Why the Fierce Opposition to Vouchers for "Sectarian" Schools? Chapter 24 Journey to Faith: Issac Hecker and Nineteenth-Century American Reform Chapter 25 Catholic Indian Boarding Schools and Sioux Catholicism Chapter 26 Catholic Insight on Workplace Human RIghts and Corporate Humanism Chapter 27 Image and Social Responsibility: Catholic Values and Fashion Advertising Chapter 28 Catholic Faith Between Secularization and Pluralism Chapter 29 Restoring All Things in Christ: Some Reflections on the Pastoral Provision for the Anglican Use of the Roman Rite Chapter 30 Appendix A: Darkness into Light: Guadelupe, Mother of all Mexico