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Homesteading space : the Skylab story

"Homesteading Space, by two of Skylab's own astronauts and a NASA journalist, tells the dramatic story of America's first space station from beginning to fiery end." "Homesteading Space is much more than a story of technological and scientific success; it is also an absorbing, sometimes humorous, often inspiring account of the determined, hardworking individuals who shepherded the program through a near-disastrous launch, a heroic rescue, and an exhausting study of Comet Kohoutek, as well as the lab's ultimate descent into the Indian Ocean. Featuring the unpublished in-flight diary of astronaut Alan Bean, the book is replete with the personal recollections and experiences of the Skylab crew and those who worked with them in training, during the mission, and in bringing them safely home."--Jacket
Print Book, English, ©2008
University of Nebraska Press, Lincoln, ©2008
xxvi, 520 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm.
9780803224346, 9780803236394, 0803224346, 0803236395
From the ground up
The homesteaders
Getting ready to fly
Fifty-six days in a can
A tour of Skylab
Ten days in May
"We fix anything"
High performance
Sprinting a marathon
Science on Skylab
What goes up
The legacy of Skylab
Appendix : Alan Bean's In-flight diary