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Robinson's paradigms and exercises in Syriac grammar

This is the fifth edition of a work recognised as a useful introduction to the Syriac language since its publication in 1915. The text has been updated and there are additional appendices and examples, as well as a more systematic treatment of the material.
Print Book, English, ©2002
Oxford University Press, New York, ©2002
viii, 181 pages ; 19 cm
9780199254095, 9780199261291, 0199254095, 0199261296
1. Introduction; 2. The script; 3. Pronunciation; 4. Pronouns. Participles. Simple sentences; 5. Nouns and adjctives: gender, number, state; 6. Pronominal suffixes; 7. Prepositions; 8. Verbs. The perfect tense; 9. Simple nouns with variable vowels; 10. Participles; 11. Other nouns with variable vowels; 12. Miscellaneous and irregular nouns; 13. The imperfect tense; 14. The imperative and infinitive; 15. The ethpe'el; 16. The pa'el and ethpa'al; 17. The aph'el and ettaph'al. Other conjugations; 18. Objective pronominal suffixes, 1: attached to the perfect; 19. Objective pronominal suffixes, 2: attached to other forms of teh verb; 20. Weak verbs. Pe-nun verbs; 21. Pe-alaph verbs; 22. Pe-yod verbs; 23. 'E-alaph verbs; 24. Hollow verbs; 25. Geminate verbs; 26. Lamad-yod verbs, 1: the pe'al; 27. Lamad-yod verbs, 2: other conjugations; 28. Pronominal suffixes attached to lamad-yod verbs; 29. Numbers; A. PRONUNCIATION OF THE BGDKPT LETTERS; B. The estrangela script. Diacritical points; C. East Syriac writing and phonology; D. Dates; Syriac-English glossary; English-Syriac glossary
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