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Individualism, old and new

John Dewey
"The subject of individualism, in our age when the individual seems to be threatened by impersonal governmental and social forces, has suddenly become a vital issue, and Dewey is just the man to read on the subject of individual responsibilities and rights. Individualism: Old and New is not a book of technical philosophy but, rather, of social comment. Such chapters as 'A House Divided Against Itself, ' 'The Lost Individual, ' 'Capitalistic or Public Socialism, ' 'The Crisis in Culture, ' pierces to the heart of the problem. Both as a brilliant exercise in ethics and historical philosophy, and as a suggestive and virtuoso exercise in clear thinking, Individualism is an important book for the twentieth century man."--Back cover
Print Book, English, [1962, ©1930]
Capricorn Books, New York, [1962, ©1930]
171 pages 20 cm
The house divided against itself
America: by formula
The United States, incorporated
The lost individual
Toward a new individualism
Capitalistic or public socialism
The crisis in culture
Individuality in our day