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On social organization and social control

Print Book, English, 1991
University of Chicago Press, Chicago, 1991
vii, 324 pages ; 24 cm.
9780226393018, 9780226393032, 0226393011, 0226393038
Introduction: A pragmatic sociology / James Burk
pt. I. The logic of sociological inquiry
1. Styles of theory construction
2. The concept of social control
3. Theory and policy: engineering versus enlightenment models
pt. II. Social organization: institutional development in advanced industrial society
4. Professionalization of military elites
5. The social dimensions of the local community
6. Inequality, occupations, and welfare
7. The emergence of weak political regimes
pt. III. Primary groups and personal control
8. Social personality and personal control
9. Cohesion and disintegration in the Wehrmacht in World War II
10. Ethnic intolerance and hostility
11. The psychological context of welfare
pt. IV. Social control: citizenship and democratic polity
12. Observations on the sociology of citizenship: obligations and rights
13. Military institutions and citizenship in western societies
14. Mass media and popular distrust
15. The social ecology of citizenship
pt. V. Institution building and social change
16. The ideology of professional psychologists
17. Models for urban education
18. Institution building for military stabilization
19. Toward the reconstruction of patriotism