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The works of John Owen

Print Book, English, [1965-1991]
Banner of Truth Trust, Edinburgh, [1965-1991]
23 volumes : portrait ; 23 cm
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Division 1: Doctrinal. v. 1. Life of Owen, by Andrew Thomson. On the person of Christ. Meditations and discourses on the glory of Christ. Meditations and discourses on the glory of Christ applied to sinners and saints. Two short catechisms
v. 2. On communion with God. Vindication of the preceding discourse. Vindication of the doctrine of the Trinity
v. 3. Discourse on the Holy Spirit: His name, nature, personality, dispensation, operations, and effect
His work in the old and new creation explained, and the doctrines vindicated. The nature and necessity of gospel holiness; the difference between grace and morality, or a spiritual life unto God in evangelical obedience, and a course of moral virtues, stated and declared
v. 4. The reason of faith. Causes, ways, and means, of understanding the mind of God, as revealed in His word, with assurance therein. And a declaration of the perspicuity of the scriptures, with the external means of the interpretation of them. On the work of the Holy Spirit in prayer; with a brief inquiry into the nature and use of mental prayer and forms. Of the Holy Spirit and His work, as a comforter and as the author of spiritual gifts
v. 5. The doctrine of justification by faith. Evidences of the faith of God's elect
Division 2: Practical. v. 6. On the mortification of sin. On temptation. On indwelling sin in believers. Exposition of Psalm 130
v. 7 On the nature and causes of apostasy, and the punishment of apostates. On spiritual-mindedness. On the dominion of sin and grace
v. 8. Sermons
v. 9. Posthumous sermons. Division 3: Controversial. v. 10. A display of Arminianism. The death of death in the death of Christ. Of the death of Christ. A dissertaion on divine justice
v. 11. The doctrine of the saints' perseverance explained and confirmed
v. 12. Vindiciae evangelicae: or, the mystery of the gospel vindicated and socinianism examined. Of the death of Christ, and of justification. A review of the annotations of Grotius
v. 13. The duty of pastors and people distinguished. Eshcol: a cluster of the fruit of Canaan. Of schism; in three books. Nonconformity vindicated. Tracts on the power of the magistrate, indulgence, toleration, etc
v. 14. Animadversions on 'fiat lux'. Vindication of animadversions. The church of Rome no safe guide. On union among Protestants. The state and fate of Protestantism
v. 15. Discourse concerning liturgies. Discourse concerning evangelical love, church peace, and unity. Inquiry concerning evangelical churches. Answer to Dr. Stillingfleet on the unreasonableness of separation. Instruction in the worhship of God
v. 16. True nature of a gospel church. Tracts on excommunication, church censures, baptism, etc. On the divine original of the scriptures. Posthumous sermons. Indices
v. 17-23: Exposition of Hebrews
Full volume contents on front end papers
Reprint. Originally published: London : Johnstone & Hunter, 1850-55
The Goold edition of John Owen's works originally comprised seventeen volumes, with a further seven volumes published as the Exposition of Hebrews, these being numbered volumes 18-24. In the present republication of the Goold edition, volume 17, largely made up of the author's Latin writings, has not been reprinted. The only material in English in that volume, Posthumous sermons and Three discourses suitable to the Lord's supper, is added to volume 16 of the present set. The first volume on Hebrews has become volume 17
Includes indexes