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Crucial questions about the future

A series of questions concerning the future of the human race. The text offers a structured and reason-bound exploration of the complexities of modern life with which the reader can provide their own answers to these eternal questions.
Print Book, English, ©1991
University Press of America, Lanham, ©1991
xi, 133 pages ; 23 cm
9780819182746, 9780819182753, 0819182745, 0819182753
Future of human civilization
What is most important of all?
Why do we act in ways that hurt our future?
What will our actual future turn out to be?
How can we achieve a satisfactory future?
Preventing the worst catastrophes
Intelligent life in the universe: what role will it play in our future?
From which aspects of reality can we gain meaning and purpose?
How can each person contribute?