Front cover image for The life of William H. Seward

The life of William H. Seward

Print Book, English, 1900
Harper and Brothers, New York, 1900
2 volumes frontispieces (portraits) 22 cm
v. 1. The start in life
First experiments in politics
The rise of political anti-Masonry
The state senator
Waiting for the rise of the Whig Party in New York
Party leaders and practical politics during Seward's governorship, 1839-42
The governorship
Retirement and politics, 1843-44
Seward as a lawyer
Some personal traits and characteristics
The outlook as United States senator
The debate on Clay's compromise propositions
The passage of the compromise
The "Higher Law" waits on the "Finality," 1850-52
Diversions in foreign affairs, 1851-52
The repeal of the Missouri Compromise, 1853-54
Party transformations : the Republican Party and its leader, 1854-55
The first year of Seward's Republican leadership, 1855-56
The announcement of the "Irrepressible Conflict," 1857-58
Some questions in foreign relations, 1853-60
Illustrations of the "Irrepressible Conflict" and of the Conflict Repressible, 1859-60
The national conventions and campaign of 1860