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The Orthodox Church in the history of Russia

A panoramic view of one of the largest, most controversial, spiritually profound and deeply suffering of all Christian churches. The author begins with the legalization of Christianity by Constantine the Great and ends with a brief survey of the post-Communist era.
Print Book, English, 1998
St. Vladimir's Seminary Press, Crestwood, NY, 1998
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9780881411799, 0881411795
A prehistory of Russian Christianity - Byzantium, Rome and the Slavs; the conversion of Rus' to Christianity and related controversial issues; Church and State in Medieval Russia; from possessors and non-possessors to the great schism of the 17th century; the Church in west Russia - from orthodoxy to the Unia and again to orthodoxy; the 18th century; Church and State in pre-Reform 19th century Russia; the Church in the post-Reform Russia - 1860s to the 20th century; the early 20th century - the struggle for the freedom of the Church; the Church, the State, and schisms 1920-1925; locum tenentes, their deputies and further schisms; the Church during the War; the first post-War decade; Khrushchev's persecutions and the post-Khrushchev religious policy; the Church under the decaying Socialism - 1965-1988; the Church under Perestroika and the agony of Communism; epilogue.