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Dealing with failed states : crossing analytic boundaries

The contributors to this volume present cutting edge approaches to state failure-looking at both conditions of conflict & economic development, dealing with the conceptualization, causes, & consequences of state failure, as well as policy-oriented analyses as to how failure can be contained, reversed, or prevented
Print Book, English, 2009
Routledge, London, 2009
133 pages : illustrations ; 25 cm
9780415664417, 9780415483322, 0415664411, 0415483328
1. Introduction Harvey Starr 2. Pathways to State Failure Jack Goldstone 3. The Logic of State Failure: Learning From Late Century Africa Robert H. Bates 4. Bad Neighbors: Failed States and their Consequences Zaryab Iqbal and Harvey Starr 5. What are the Preconditions for Turnarounds in Failing States? Lisa Chauvet and Paul Collier 6. State Fragility and Implications for Aid Allocation: An Assessment Empirical Analysis David Carment, Yiagadeesen Samy and Stewart Prest 7. Temporal Analysis of Political Instability through Descriptive Subgroup Discovery Lambach and Gamberger 8. Failing States and Failing Regimes: The Prediction and Simulation of State Failure Neil A. Englehart and Marc V. Simon