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The history of development : from western origins to global faith

This penetrating history of the development concept has been updated to include coverage of the new development emphasis on elimating poverty.
Print Book, English, 2002
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Zed Books, New York, 2002
x, 286 pages
9781842771808, 9781842771815, 9781856494922, 1842771809, 1842771817, 1856494926
1. Definitions of Development
2. Metamorphoses of a Western Myth
3. The Making of a World System
4. The Invention of Development
5. The International Doctrine and Institutions Take Root
6. Modernization Poised between History and Prophecy
7. The Periphery and the Understanding of History
8. Self-Reliance: The Communal Past as a Model for the Future
9. The Triumph of Third-Worldism
10. The Environment, or the New Nature of D̀evelopment'
11. A Mixture of Realism and Fine Sentiments
12. The Postmodern Illusion: Globalization as Simulacrum of D̀evelopment'
13. Some Thoughts on What is to be Done
14. The Struggle against Poverty: Slogan and Alibi
App. I. President Truman's Point Four Message
App. II. Declarations on the Establishment of a New International Economic Order