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A practical study of argument

This useful handbook addresses more than 60 common fallacies of the challenge of argument, pinning down argument structure, working on relevance, conductiotive argument and counterconsiderations
Print Book, English, ©2010
Cengage Learning, Belmont, CA, ©2010
xiii, 417 pages ; 24 cm
9780495603405, 9781439035764, 0495603406, 1439035768
What is an argument? (And what is not?)
Pinning down argument structure
Looking at language
Good arguments : an introduction
Premises : what to accept and why
Working on relevance
Deductive arguments : categorical logic
Deductive arguments : propositional logic
An introduction to inductive arguments
Causal inductive arguments
Analogies : reasoning from case to case
Conductive arguments and counterconsiderations