Front cover image for The form of the book : essays on the morality of good design

The form of the book : essays on the morality of good design

Print Book, English, 1991
Hartley & Marks, Point Roberts, Washington, 1991
xviii, 180 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm
9780881790344, 9780881791167, 0881790346, 0881791164
Clay in a Potter's Hand (1949)
Graphic Arts and Book Design (1958)
On Typography (1952)
The Importance of Tradition in Typography (1966)
Symmetrical or Asymmetrical Typography? (1965)
Consistent Correlation Between Book Page and Type Area (1962)
Typography and the Traditional Title Page (1958)
House Rules for Typesetting: the Publisher's Standing Instructions for the Typesetter (1937)
What a Specimen Page Should Look Like (1950)
Consequences of Tight Typesetting (1956)
Why the Beginnings of Paragraphs Must be Indented (1950)
Italics, Small Capitals and Quotation Marks in Books and in Scientific Publications (1964)
On Leading (1940)
Typesetting Superscript Numbers and Footnotes (1975)
Ellipsis Points (1957)
Dashes (1975)
Whore's Children and Cobbler's Apprentices (1951)
Planning the Typographical Layout of Books with Illustrations (1946)
Headband, Trim-Edge Color, Endpapers and Marker Ribbon (1975)
Jacket and Wrapper (1946)
On Books that are Too Wide, Too Large or Square (1975)
Printing Paper: White or Tinted? (1951)
Ten Common Mistakes in the Production of Books (1975)