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Communion with God

John Owen
Print Book, English, ©1991
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Banner of Truth Trust, Edinburgh, ©1991
vii, 209, [7] pages ; 18 cm.
9780851516073, 0851516076
The saints have communion with God
Communion with each person of the Godhead individually
Communion with God the Father
Conclusions arising from the doctrine of communion with the Father in love
Fellowship with Jesus Christ, the Son of God
Fellowship with Christ in grace
How believers hold communion with the Lord Jesus Christ in grace
The glories and excellences of Christ
The wisdom and knowledge of Christ
Knowing ourselves
Consequences of fellowship between Christ and his saints
Further consequences of fellowship with Christ
Communion with Christ in purchased grace
The nature of the grace which Christ purchased
Communion with Christ in acceptance with God
Communion with Christ in holiness
Communion with Christ in privileges
The foundation of our communion with the Holy Spirit
The things in which we have communion with the Holy Spirit
The Holy Spirit and the hearts of believers
Satan's attempts at casting contempt on the Holy Spirit
Preparation for communion with the Holy Spirit
The behaviour of the saints towards the Holy Spirit
How to have fellowship with the Holy Spirit