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New challenges to understanding organizations

Print Book, English, ©1993
Macmillan ; Maxwell Macmillan Canada ; Maxwell Macmillan International, New York, Toronto, New York, ©1993
vi, 256 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm
9780024020529, 0024020524
Introduction / Karlene H. Roberts
Defining "high reliability" organizations in practice: a taxonomic prologue / Gene I. Rochlin
The analysis of high reliability organizations: a comparative framework / Paul R. Schulman
Organizational effectiveness as a theoretical foundation for research on reliability-enhancing organizations / W.E. Douglas Creed, Suzanne K. Stout, and Karlene H. Roberts
Differentiating reliability seeking organizations from other organizations: development and validation of an assessment device / Barbl A. Koch
Interactions between ideologies and politics in strategy formation / Alan D. Meyer and William H. Starbuck
High reliability organizations meet high velocity environments: common dilemmas in nuclear power plants / Kathleen M. Eisenhardt
Hierarchy versus bureaucracy: the case of a nuclear reactor / Larry Hirschhorn
The effects of flight crew fatigue on performance: a full-mission simulation study / H. Clayton Foushee and John K. Lauber
The vulnerable system: an analysis of the Tneerife air disaster / Karl E. Weick
Operational reliability and marine systems / Robert G. Bea and William H. Moore
Bligh Reef ahead: the grounding of the Exxon Valdez / Karlene H. Roberts and William H. Moore
Epilogue / Karlene H. Roberts and W. E. Douglas Creed