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Research methodology on data envelopment analysis (DEA)

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Case studies
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Measuring the efficiency of university libraries using data envelopment analysis
Measuring and comparing the (in) efficiency of German and Swiss hospitals
The economic impact of academic centers and institutes on state-level GRP
Analysis of the benchmarking results of the electricity distribution companies in Finland
Merging decision making units in DEA
Data envelopment analysis in the benchmarking of electricity distribution companies
An evaluation of advertising media spending efficiency using data envelopment analysis
Power quality factors in efficiency benchmarking
The effect of scale on productivity : an application of data envelopment analysis
A data envelopment analysis model for risk ranking of rigid subsea pipes
Efficiency and quality in the current higher education context in Europe
End-of life processing via data envelopment analysis
Performance measurement by means of data envelopment analysis : a new perspective for undesirable outputs
Using DEA to structure product-markets
Assessing and managing product efficiency-a super efficiency model
A data envelopment analysis study of airline efficiency
Productive efficiency evaluation of agricultural sector of municipal districts of Amusep
Productivity performance of regional electric cooperatives in the Philippines
Temporal aggregation in data envelopment analysis
An evaluation of association between firms-financial and productivity performances
Benchmarking Indonesian state universities : a data envelopment analysis
An optimization methodology (DEA analysis)