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The political economy of customs and culture : informal solutions to the commons problem

Since the writings of Adam Smith, economists have understood the important role that private property rights play in a well-functioning economic system. Without well-defined, enforced, and transferable property rights, the tragedy of the commons is said to result as in the classic case of overfishing and overgrazing. This book challenges this narrow view of property rights by examining the role of informal constraints imposed by customs and culture. Recognizing that a great deal of human interaction takes place in the absence of individually specified rights, the authors challenge the notion that tragedy is inevitable within the commons
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Method, metaphor, and understanding : when is the commons not a tragedy? / Randy T. Simmons and Peregrine Schwartz-Shea
Property-rights regimes and coastal fisheries : an empirical analysis / Edella Schlager and Elinor Ostrom
Contracting into the commons / Dean Lueck
To price or not to price : user preferences in allocating common property resources / Russell D. Roberts
Capturing the commons : legal and illegal strategies / James M. Acheson
The politics of changing property rights : dismantling a commons from within / Jean Ensminger and Andrew Rutten
Analyzing institutional successes and failures : a millennium of common mountain pastures in Iceland / Thráinn Eggertsson
Covenants with and without a sword : self-governance is possible / Elinor Ostrom, James Walker, and Roy Gardner
Humankind in prehistory : economy, ecology, and institutions / Vernon L. Smith