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Rationality : psychological and philosophical perspectives

In a debate derived from the conflict between theorists and researchers, a number of figures in the field are here drawn together to present a state-of-the-art review of rationality, taking a cross-disciplinary perspective
Print Book, English, 1993
Routledge, London, 1993
vi, 322 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm.
9780415069557, 0415069556
Introduction : the study of rationality / K.I. Manktelow and D.E. Over
Bias and rationality / J. St B.T. Evans
Reasoning theories and bounded rationality / M. Oaksford and N. Chater
Rationality and reality / R.J. Stevenson
Human rationality / N.E. Wetherick
Mental logic and human irrationality : we can put a man on the moon, so why can't we solve those logical-reasoning problems? / D.P. O'Brien
Rational reasoning and human implementations of logic / K. Stenning and M. Oaksford
Models and deductive-rationality / P.N. Johnson-Laird and R.M.J. Byrne
Rationality, deduction and mental models / E.J. Lowe
Rationality, utility and deontic reasoning / D.E. Over and K.I. Manktelow
Intuitions about rationality and cognition / E. Shafir
The bounded rationality of probabilistic mental models / G. Gigerenzer