Front cover image for The thinking hand : existential and embodied wisdom in architecture

The thinking hand : existential and embodied wisdom in architecture

Surveys the multiple essences of the hand, its biological evolution and its role in the shaping of culture, highlighting how the hand-tool union and eye-hand-mind fusion are essential for dexterity and how ultimately the body and the senses play a crucial role in memory and creative work
Print Book, English, 2010, ©2009
Wiley, Chichester, U.K., 2010, ©2009
159 pages : chiefly color illustrations ; 23 cm
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Introduction : Embodied existence and sensory thought
The mysterious hand. The multiple essences of the hand ; What is the hand? ; Hand, eye, brain and language ; Hand as symbol ; Gestures of the hand ; Languages of the hand
The working hand. The hand and the tool ; The hand of the craftsman ; Collaborative craftsmanship ; Architecture as workmanship
Eye-hand-mind fusion. Experimentation and the art of play ; Skill and boredom ; Eye, hand and mind
The drawing hand. Drawing and the self ; Tactility of drawing ; The computerised hand ; Primacy of touch : hapticity of self-image ; Unconscious touch in artistic experience
Embodied thinking. Creative fusion ; The work of thinking : the value of uncertainty ; Resistance, tradition and freedom ; Thinking through the senses ; Embodied memory and thought ; Existential knowledge
Body, self and mind. The body as site ; The world and the self ; The world and the mind ; Existential space in art
Emotion and imagination. Reality of imagination ; The gift of imagination ; Reality of art ; Art and emotion ; Artistic experience as exchange
Theory and life. Theory and making ; Opposition of theory and making ; Architecture as image of life ; The task of art