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Rationality, institutions, and economic methodology

This looks at ways to increase the scope of institutional economics within standard neoclassical theory. Leading specialists consider different approaches to methodology incorporating broader notions of rationality within this field
Print Book, English, 1993
Routledge, London, 1993
xi, 312 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm
9780415075718, 9780415092081, 9780203392805, 0415075718, 0415092086, 0203392809
Preface / Bo Gustafsson
1. Economics With Institutions: Agenda for Methodological Enquiry / Uskali Maki
2. Economic Methodology: Rationale, Foundations, Prospects / Bruce J. Caldwell
3. Popper and Lakatos in Economic Methodology / D. Wade Hands
4. Social Theories of Science and the Fate of Institutionalism in Economics / Uskali Maki
5. Optimization, Rule-Following, and the Methodology of Situational Analysis / Richard N. Langlois and Laszlo Csontos
6. Equilibrium, Perfect Rationality and the Problem of Self-Reference in Economics / Christian Knudsen
7. Rational Choice, Rule-Following and Institutions: An Evolutionary Perspective / Viktor Vanberg
8. Institutional Stability and Change in Science and the Economy / Brian J. Loasby. 9. Evolution and Institutional Change: On the Nature of Selection in Biology and Economics / Geoffrey M. Hodgson
10. Institutions and Economic Performance / Douglass C. Worth
11. Modelling Rationality, Institutions and Processes in Economic Theory / Christian Knudsen