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Frederick Douglass : new literary and historical essays

This is a collection of the best new scholarship on the life and writings of Douglass, the most important and influential black American of the nineteenth century. As a result of the development of new methodologies of research and interpretation in both literary and historical studies, Frederick Douglass has assumed a central place in the current revival of interest in the multicultural study of American literature. His autobiographies are fundamental case studies of the slave narratives that form the basis of African-American culture, and his remarkable achievements as abolitionist orator, journalist, and writer of fiction and historical essays have made him a pivotal figure in a variety of disciplines. With topics that range from the evidence of African cultural survival during slavery to the modern civil rights movement, this collection of fourteen essays by America's leading historians and literary critics re-evaluates the importance of Douglass in his own day and on into the twentieth century. The essays examine Douglass' own views on gender and class, as well as racial issues, and place his thought and writings in the context of debates about slavery and freedom that dominated the intellectual landscape of nineteenth-century America
Print Book, English, 1990
Cambridge University Press, Cambridge [England], 1990
vi, 295 pages ; 24 cm
9780521380409, 9780521435901, 0521380405, 0521435900
"Ironic tenacity" : Frederick Douglass's seizure of the dialectic / Sterling Stuckey
From Wheatley to Douglass : the politics of displacement / Henry Louis Gates, Jr
Writing freely? : Frederick Douglass and the constraints of racialized writing / Wilson J. Moses
Faith, doubt, and apostasy : evidence of things unseen in Frederick Douglass's Narrative / Donald B. Gibson
Franklinian Douglass : the Afro-American as representative man / Rafia Zafar
Reading slavery : the anxiety of ethnicity in Douglass's Narrative / David Van Leer
The punishment of Esther : Frederick Douglass and the construction of the feminine / Jenny Franchot
Race, violence, and manhood : the masculine ideal in Frederick Douglass's "The heroic slave" / Richard Yarborough. "We hold these truths to be self-evident" : the rhetoric of Frederick Douglass's journalism / Shelley Fisher Fishkin and Carla L. Peterson
The Frederick Douglass-Gerrit Smith friendship and political abolitionism in the 1850s / John R. McKivigan
The shadow of slavery : Frederick Douglass, the savage South, and the next generation / Wayne Mixon
Frederick Douglass's Life and times : progressive rhetoric and the problem of constituency / Kenneth W. Warren
Images of Frederick Douglass in the Afro-American mind : the recent Black freedom struggle / Waldo E. Martin, Jr