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The Barb

William E. Smith (Editor)
Journal, Magazine, English, 197u
Ray F. Green WESJIR Enterprises WESJUR enterprises, Atlanta, Ga., Atlanta, Ga., Atlanta, Ga., 197u
volumes : illustrations ; 38-42 cm
Some issues folded to 29 cm
<Apr. 1975->: "The voice of the gay community--serving the Southeast and the nation"; July 1975-: "The news monthly for Southern gays"; <Sept. 1, 1977->, "The Southern gay voice."
Editor: <Apr. 1975>-May 1977, Bill Smith (<Mar. 1976>-May 1977, printed as W.E. (Bill)--Smith, Jr.)
Publisher: <June 1977->, W.E. (Bill)--Smith, Jr
Presentation of editor's name may vary somewhat
<1976>, publisher may sometimes appear as: WESJR Enterprises