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Earth crammed with heaven : a spirituality of everyday life

"For too long, says Elizabeth Dreyer, the kind of spirituality taught to Christian lay people has been clerical and monastic. It has not been grounded in the ways of living actually experienced by lay people - incorporating sexuality, childraising, work, the marketplace and the earth. A major effort is being made in our day to reformulate spirituality in a way that makes sense to ordinary Christians. More than anything else, this new attitude proclaims that God is best discovered not in the withdrawal from everyday life but in the act of living it." "Earth Crammed with Heaven is a pioneering attempt to articulate the paradigm shift in attitudes toward lay spirituality. It is written for persons who are on an intentional spiritual journey that has everyday existence and the entire world as its focal points. It maintains that baptized Christians do not have to change their daily activities in order to become saints. The potential for sainthood is located in the depth and intentionality of ordinary living."--BOOK JACKET
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pt. I. Foundations for a spirituality of everyday life
1. What is spirituality? Who are the laity? And why is everybody always talking about them?
2. Whose life is it anyway?
3. The living faith of the dead : tradition
4. Theological roots : Holy Spirit, creation and incarnation
pt. II. Building blocks for a spirituality of everyday life
5. The worldly face of God : a spirituality of everyday life
6. Towards a spirituality of work
7. Ministry in the marketplace
8. Sexuality : meeting God in human love
9. Asceticism revisited
10. Contemplation : a loving gaze at the world
11. The liturgies of culture and cosmos
Conclusion. All is grace