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The moral writings of John Dewey

John Dewey (1859-1952), renowned educator and philosopher, has been called the national philosopher of American civilisation. This book featuers a collection of Dewey's writings that presents the many aspects of Dewey's ethical thought.
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liv, 282 pages ; 22 cm.
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Foreword / Sidney Hook
1. The Nature of Moral Philosophy. Philosophy. Philosophy and Civilization. The Method and Aims of Philosophy. Moral Philosophy and Life Experience. The Scope of Moral Philosophy. Reflective Morality and Choice
2. Man, Nature, and Society. The Influence of Darwinism on Philosophy. Time and Individuality. Social as a Category. The Unity of the Human Being
3. Value and Nature. Before Intelligence Becomes Effective. The Status of Values in Nature. The Nature of Aims. Ends-in-View and Unifications of Value. Unified Value: Consummatory Experience. Converting Natural Sequences into Consummations
4. Human Nature and Value. Habit. The Nature and Conditions of Growth. Growth and Value. Unification of the Self. Growth and Unification Are Social. The Individual, the Associated, and the Social. Growth, Shared Experience, and Community
5. Value and Intelligence. Instrumentalism. Intelligence and Morals. Moral Deliberation and Experimental Logic. Deliberation and Choice. The Nature of Principles. The Construction of Good. The Irreducible Plurality of Moral Criteria
6. Moral Language. The Nature and Function of Language. Moral Expressions as Language. The Morality of Emotive Language. Why Not Abandon Moral Language?
7. Social Intelligence and Democracy. Morality Is Social. Philosophies of Freedom. Intelligence and Democratic Institutions. Intelligence as Social. The Tasks of Social Intelligence. The Method of Social Intelligence. Ideals of Social Intelligence